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What Meghan and Harry’s Royal Split Can Teach Us About International Negotiation

Meghan and Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah exposed deep rifts between the young royals and Buckingham Palace over their treatment as part of the British Royal Family and their subsequent departure from royal duties. What lessons can international negotiators learn from the acrimonious circumstances surrounding the royal split?

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China’s Emerging Data Governance Regime: A Bid for New Norms

Over the past year, China has built up a comprehensive set of data governance policies dictating the use and sharing of citizens’ information. The differences between Chinese compliance requirements and those of European or North American countries illustrates China’s unique conception of privacy and offers an alternative set of data governance norms for authoritarian states.

Actions vs. Words: The US Approaches to Libya and Syria

Quick intervention in Libya prevented a massacre. Empty words did nothing to halt massacres in Syria. Ten years after the Arab Spring, leaders should learn this lesson.

What to Expect from Russia’s Leadership of the Arctic Council

With Russia assuming chairship of the Arctic Council, what can we expect to see over the next two years? Here are four predictions for topics of focus, preferred partners, and institutional structure.

When the Push Outweighs the Pull: The Root Causes of Immigration from the Northern Triangle

The demographics of US-bound migrants are rapidly changing as the influx of single, Mexican adult males from the early 21st century is being replaced by a rise in children, mainly of Central American nationality. The causes of these trends are not surprising as parents of the Northern Triangle countries of Central America are continuing to send their unaccompanied children on the treacherous thousand-mile-plus journey to escape conditions endemic to their homelands. As these migration rates will likely only rise in the years to come, it is crucial that the United States re-evaluate its immigration policy to directly address the push factors that are the root causes of the recent growth in emigration rates from the region.

Felix Tshisekedi’s Newly-Independent Agenda for the DRC: Modernizer or Strongman 2.0?

Two years into his tenure as President of the DRC, Tshisekedi has only just thrown off the influence of his predecessor, Joseph Kabila. Now, with total control over his political agenda, the DRC’s leader appears torn between a modern agenda of regional integration and authoritarian repression tactics.

We Must Stand Down on Extremism and Polarization in the US Military to Safeguard National Security

Now infamous photos of men armed in Kevlar vests and helmets, holding zip-ties on the Senate floor, convey how dire the situation was at the Capitol. Among the different military branches, the Marine Corps led the charge with fourteen arrests, followed by the Army with ten. As a Marine Corps judge advocate, images of servicemembers…