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About Charged Affairs

YPFP’s journal Charged Affairs is a showcase of perspectives by rising leaders in foreign policy. It is a journal designed to give young professionals a chance to hone their writing and analytical skills by participating in a rigorous editorial process and to present insightful and creative articles to the broader foreign policy community.

YPFP’s goal is to mold future leaders in foreign policy. Charged Affairs’ goal is to provide those future leaders with a platform to share new and innovative ideas with YPFP’s global network of 15,000+ professionals. The future needs ideas that seize on the opportunities of rapidly changing technology and social structures around the world, and Charged Affairs is where to find those ideas.

Charged Affairs is not only a journal to present ideas, it is a platform to engage with a global audience. With a strong social media staff and presence and burgeoning partnerships with other think tanks and organizations across the foreign policy and international affairs community, our staff writers and contributions from members reach an ever-expanding audience, sparking debate and an exchange of ideas.

All YPFP members are welcome to submit content in a variety of formats including articles, interviews, and book reviews after they have read our submission guidelines. To submit, one has to be an YPFP member. If you are not a member, please apply for membership today. If you are interested in being a staff writer or editor for Charged Affairs, please send your cover letter, resume and writing sample to