Editorial Board

Radim Dragomaca, YPFP Vice President and Publisher of Charged Affairs
Radim is the Vice President of Communications and Thought Leadership at Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, and the Publisher of Charged Affairs. Radim holds advanced degrees in international relations, international law and European law, and specializes in transatlantic relations, EU policy and law, and international institutions. Charged Affairs is the fifth publication Radim has led as either Publisher or Editor-in-Chief.

Emily Walz, Editor-in-Chief
Emily is a writer, editor, and policy researcher specializing in U.S.-China affairs, soft power, and the intersection of politics and art. She holds a M.A. from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Affairs and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Carleton College and the University of Minnesota. You can connect with her on Twitter @emilywalz.

Jake Seaboch, Managing Editor
Jake currently works as a contractor with the Department of Defense, and holds a B.A. in international studies from American University. Jake’s policy interests include international security, peacebuilding, and U.S. foreign policy. You can connect with him on Twitter @JakeSeaboch.

Zachary Hoyle, Editor
Zach is a Congressional Staffer and graduate student at the U.S. Naval War College. He is interested in the return of major power competition in East Asia and Eastern Europe. He is a graduate of West Virginia University and forever a Mountaineer.

Blessing Ikpa, Editor

Madeline Karon, Editor
Madeline does policy research and political outreach at a nonprofit in Washington, D.C. focused on promoting and growing bipartisan cooperation in Congress. She holds an M.A. in counterterrorism and homeland security studies from the Interdisciplinary Center – Herzliya in Israel and a B.A. from Vanderbilt University where she majored in political science, history, and economics. You can connect with her on Twitter @MadelineKaron.

Clint Lohse, Editor
Clint Lohse is a legislative assistant at the U.S. Senate handling foreign affairs, intelligence, homeland security, and a number of domestic issues. He hold a B.S. in political science from MIT and a M.A. in international politics from American University’s School of International Service. He is particularly interested in the intersection of religion and terrorism, and spends a good deal of time thinking about American politics, too. You can connect with him on Twitter @cmlohse.

Caleb Marquis, Editor
Caleb is a Master’s student at Johns Hopkins University focusing on intelligence and security studies. He holds a B.A. in political science and security studies from Westminster College. His areas of interest include intelligence, U.S. foreign policy, international security, and political affairs. You can connect with him on Twitter @cmarquis15.

Ronmel Navas, Editor
Ronmel is currently writing a book on democracy and education. His specializations are in literature and Western cultural history. He is invested in historicizing the politics and aesthetics of representation under late modernity. You can connect with him on Twitter @ronmelnavas.

Anup Rao, Editor
Anup currently works as a policy staffer in the U.S. government. He holds a M.A. in diplomacy and international relations from Seton Hall University, and a B.S. in neuroscience from UCLA. He specializes in Southeast Asian and East Asian international politics and has worked in intelligence, defense, and homeland security. You can connect with him on Twitter @AnupNRao.