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Turmoil in Bulgaria brings the EU’s rule-of-law problem into sharper relief

Recent protests in Bulgaria have unveiled the country's long-standing problems with corruption and the rule of law, in the latest example of the EU's issue of anti-democratic regimes among its member states. If the bloc does not take action to address these concerns, its legitimacy could be compromised.

How America’s Flaws Become Russia’s Opportunity

Putin’s Russia is exploiting the flaws of American democracy. To do so, Russia is forging key inroads with developing countries.

Europe’s Dangerous China Dependency

A string of recent events has revealed the pitfalls of Europe’s economic dependence on China. In order to stand up for its democratic values, the EU must weaken Beijing’s ability to leverage trade and investment ties in service of its hostile political objectives.

Enhancing the Image: Chinese Renewable Energy Investment in OECD Europe

As China increases investments in renewable energy, questions about Beijing’s motivation arise, as these seemingly benign investments correlate with a rise in China’s perceived international reliability and responsibility.

A Proposed Kosovo-Serbia Land Swap Intensifies Europe’s Integration Challenges

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, Kosovo’s government has fallen, leaving an uncertain future for the Western Balkan region. Within this context, the lack of clear U.S. opposition to a proposed Kosovo-Serbia land swap opens the door to potentially disastrous consequences for Europe as a whole.

It’s Time to Hold Hungary Accountable

While Europe struggles to confront the coronavirus pandemic, Hungary’s government has exploited the crisis to indefinitely increase its own power. The European Union must punish Hungary for this democratic backsliding, or else risk losing its legitimacy as a community of values.

A Big Day For Europe

Tomorrow, Wednesday February 11, will be a big day for Europe and the European Union. Two fundamental issues, which have been taking up headlines for months/years will now be coming to a head, on the same day: a summit to tackle the fighting in Ukraine and a Eurogroup meeting to discuss some drastic changes requested…

Unmasking Team Putin

Author Karen Dawisha explains how Vladimir Putin and his cronies climbed to power. Russia’s authoritarian turn under President Vladimir Putin may have been kicked into high gear the past few years, but it’s been a long time coming.

The Danger of Russian Nationalism

When Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014, President Vladimir Putin’s approval ratings soared, Russia’s economy was strong, and it seemed like the big bear was back. After fanning the flames of a deadly insurgency in Eastern Ukraine, Putin succeeded in convincing his population that they needed him to survive and that he was…

Russia in the Aftermath of the G20 Summit

The G-20 summit held in Brisbane, Australia several weeks ago brought together leaders of industrialized and developing countries to discuss matters of increasing global concern. Unsurprisingly, Russia’s infiltration of Ukraine was high on that list, resulting in Vladimir Putin’s icy reception. Leaders were not shy to criticize his cold war-reminiscent actions overs the last several…

Make Ending the Conflict in Ukraine Priority Number One

The U.S. and its European allies must recognize that the conflict in and of itself serves Putin’s interests. The West should focus on ending the conflict now, even if under less than ideal circumstances.

Options for Ukraine to Diversify its Energy

The current crisis in Ukraine has pitted the United States and its allies in Europe against Russia. Russia has demonstrated the will to use political and military force to pressure Ukraine and the West, but its most effective method of coercion may still be targeting Ukraine’s dependence on Russian natural gas. Ukraine’s proximity and cultural…