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Turmoil in Bulgaria brings the EU’s rule-of-law problem into sharper relief

Recent protests in Bulgaria have unveiled the country's long-standing problems with corruption and the rule of law, in the latest example of the EU's issue of anti-democratic regimes among its member states. If the bloc does not take action to address these concerns, its legitimacy could be compromised.

How America’s Flaws Become Russia’s Opportunity

Putin’s Russia is exploiting the flaws of American democracy. To do so, Russia is forging key inroads with developing countries.

Europe’s Dangerous China Dependency

A string of recent events has revealed the pitfalls of Europe’s economic dependence on China. In order to stand up for its democratic values, the EU must weaken Beijing’s ability to leverage trade and investment ties in service of its hostile political objectives.

Enhancing the Image: Chinese Renewable Energy Investment in OECD Europe

As China increases investments in renewable energy, questions about Beijing’s motivation arise, as these seemingly benign investments correlate with a rise in China’s perceived international reliability and responsibility.

A Proposed Kosovo-Serbia Land Swap Intensifies Europe’s Integration Challenges

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, Kosovo’s government has fallen, leaving an uncertain future for the Western Balkan region. Within this context, the lack of clear U.S. opposition to a proposed Kosovo-Serbia land swap opens the door to potentially disastrous consequences for Europe as a whole.

It’s Time to Hold Hungary Accountable

While Europe struggles to confront the coronavirus pandemic, Hungary’s government has exploited the crisis to indefinitely increase its own power. The European Union must punish Hungary for this democratic backsliding, or else risk losing its legitimacy as a community of values.

“The party system has been killed.” An interview with Azerbaijan’s Razi Nurullayev

The same family has ruled Azerbaijan since October 1993, first with Heydar Aliyev ruling from 1993 to 2003, and then with his son Ilham Aliyev from 2003 onwards. Since 1993, Azerbaijan has seen a steady drop in political liberties while the government and economy have been strengthened through the promotion of the extractive industries with…

NATO’s Choice Remains “Out of Area or Out of Business”

At NATO’s summit in Wales this week, the transatlantic military alliance has an opportunity to chart its strategic trajectory for the 21st century. The war in Afghanistan dominated proceedings for the past few summits, but this time NATO’s post-Afghanistan organizing principles will take center stage. Many, including former Supreme Allied Commander Europe James Stavridis, have suggested that…

Ensuring Energy Security in an Unsecure World

The central role energy has played in this summer’s international conflicts has generated renewed concern for US energy security. As the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) swept through northern Iraq capturing oil fields and refineries in early June, questions swirled around Iraq’s production capabilities and the future of international oil prices. Soon thereafter, tensions…

Back to the Future: Reassessing NATO-Russia Relations

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and efforts to destabilize Ukraine are forcing NATO to come to grips with a new strategic reality. The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has crystallized just how severely events in Ukraine have undermined the belief that Europe is a continent at peace. The consequences of this crisis will certainly be…

Proposed Voice of America Reforms a Step Backwards for U.S. Diplomacy

In the wake of a reignited battle between Russia and the West to win the hearts and minds of post-Soviet states, the United States ought to re-evaluate a proposed bill that will quietly undermine some of the very principles for which it is fighting. 

EU’s ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Highlights Debate Over Transatlantic Privacy

The Internet: most of us can’t imagine a few hours without it, much less a whole day or a week. But with its wide array of possibilities comes serious vulnerability. This is particularly true when it comes to the privacy of our personal data. As anyone who has ever been on the job hunt or…