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What Meghan and Harry’s Royal Split Can Teach Us About International Negotiation

Meghan and Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah exposed deep rifts between the young royals and Buckingham Palace over their treatment as part of the British Royal Family and their subsequent departure from royal duties. What lessons can international negotiators learn from the acrimonious circumstances surrounding the royal split?

Erin Go Bragh:

An Argument for a United Ireland The year is 1166 and King Dermot MacMurrough of Leinster just lost his kingdom and was exiled from Ireland. He allied with the British and won back the kingdom the following year. However, by doing so, he inadvertently opened the door for 850 years of British rule in Ireland…

Detangling the European Alliance: Understanding Liberal-Populist Tensions in the EU

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for the European Union (EU), including regarding European integration. EU members have turned inward in responding to the virus, in some cases even limiting entry from Schengen Area partners. In recent weeks, however, the most publicized European fight was over the conditions attached to COVID-19 relief aid. Tensions…

There’s Still Hope for Poland

Liberal democracy does not defend itself. It relies on people who value it to keep it alive. Poland deserves close attention; if democratization can be undone in the land of Solidarity, where is it safe?

Europe’s Failure to Unite Against COVID-19

Because Europe did not cooperate on Coronavirus-related social restrictions, the pandemic has wracked Europe through the winter. However, even modest coordination between European nations can still help.

What Prospects for a Eurodeterrent?

As the European strategic autonomy debate has heated up over the past few years, there has been increasing discussion about the idea of a pan-European nuclear deterrent. Yet numerous obstacles stand in the way of realizing this ambition in the short- to medium-term.

Europe Must Fend for Itself

As security threats to Europe increase from the Middle East and Russia, and the United States turns toward Asia, Europe needs to take a larger role in establishing its own defense infrastructure.

Slovakia’s Anti-gay Referendum: When Political Apathy Saves Democracy

On Saturday 7, February Slovakia held a popular vote, which, had it been successful, would have further undermined the legal standing of the local LGBTI community in the eyes of the state. Around 4.4 million Slovak citizens got the chance to express their opinion on three following questions:

Arguing Against Arming Ukraine

President Obama faces significant pressure from the DC foreign policy community to send lethal aid to Ukraine, but doing so will not hasten an end to the conflict in the Donbas and could backfire spectacularly.

A Big Day For Europe

Tomorrow, Wednesday February 11, will be a big day for Europe and the European Union. Two fundamental issues, which have been taking up headlines for months/years will now be coming to a head, on the same day: a summit to tackle the fighting in Ukraine and a Eurogroup meeting to discuss some drastic changes requested…

Unmasking Team Putin

Author Karen Dawisha explains how Vladimir Putin and his cronies climbed to power. Russia’s authoritarian turn under President Vladimir Putin may have been kicked into high gear the past few years, but it’s been a long time coming.

The Danger of Russian Nationalism

When Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014, President Vladimir Putin’s approval ratings soared, Russia’s economy was strong, and it seemed like the big bear was back. After fanning the flames of a deadly insurgency in Eastern Ukraine, Putin succeeded in convincing his population that they needed him to survive and that he was…