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For a True ‘Geopolitical Commission’ the EU Must Put Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

The outcome of the EU's negotiations around its next long-term budget will have a pivotal effect on the bloc's ambitions to become a stronger geopolitical actor on the global stage. To make these ambitions a reality, the bloc's leaders must reconsider their spending priorities.

Recommitting to NATO, Resisting Putin’s Aggression

Questioning assumptions about war, and remaining committed to NATO, prepared the United States to stare down a Russian march toward Kyiv.

Ensuring Europe’s Security Post-Brexit

The United Kingdom’s recent departure from the European Union may disrupt Europe’s ability to effectively cooperate and deal with various threats to its security. To mitigate this disruption, the UK should remain closely involved in EU security and defense efforts, and a European Security Council should be established.

A Failed Multilateral Consensus on Women, Peace, and Security

NATO is now five years out from the institution of its women, peace, and security action plan. How has the trans-Atlantic treaty organization pursued the WPS agenda, and what shortcomings still remain?

Did Russia Achieve its Goals in the Sochi Summit?

President Putin’s Sochi Summit brought an unprecedented number of African leaders to Moscow, developing Russia’s prestige as a supplier of arms to the continent and rattling the U.S. foreign policy establishment.

Against Tyranny: An Interview with Waller R. Newell

A discussion of the history of tyranny from the Bronze Age of Homer to the contemporary transnational white supremacist factions spreading across the globe.

Steve Bannon and the European Union: Why Winning in Europe Won’t Be Easy

Steve Bannon, one of the main orchestrators of Donald Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign, announced that his new plan is to establish political operations in Europe. This, he claims, is an effort to support and unite right-wing politicians in their fight against the European Union, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, or any other actor that…

Harmonization Asylum Policies in Europe: Saving Lives by Fixing a Deficient System

Ever since the so-called “refugee crisis” of 2015, the topics of asylum, international protection, and irregular immigration have been at the forefront of the European Union’s political debates. Recently, tensions in the rhetoric have risen significantly, despite the fact that immigration numbers have dropped below pre-crisis levels. Nevertheless, the election of a right-wing government in…

A Fresh Foreign Policy Vision Is Vital in Brexit Britain

Since 1945, Britain has successfully charted a deliberate, principled path on the world stage, helping to deliver, through NATO, the longest period of peace in Europe in living memory. Beyond defence and security, Britain has led the world in drafting binding UN resolutions to slow climate change, helped eradicate global health threats such as Ebola, and…

Dissecting Russian Organized Crime and the State

The Vory: Russia’s Super Mafia by Mark Galeotti Yale University Press, 2018 The discovery of more than 850 pounds of cocaine on the grounds of the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires and the 2018 arrests of multiple people involved in the trafficking organization that operated from Argentina to Germany to Russia made headlines around the…

A Response to Germany’s Austerity

The European Union (EU) is at a crossroads, with increased economic inequality across the member states having the potential to further break apart the EU. Germany has a unique opportunity to step up, and fight this fracturing. To do so, Chancellor Angela Merkel should not continue to focus on sustained austerity measures, which seek to…

Economic Policy Challenges for the Next Italian Government

With low growth, crippling public debt, and chronic unemployment, Italy checks all the boxes for a major financial crisis. However, with the right economic policies, the next coalition government can turn Italy around and make the country more competitive in the global economy. To do so, the incoming Italian prime minister and the coalition government…