How To Turn Off Professional Mode On Facebook? A Step-By-Step Guide 

How To Turn Off Professional Mode On Facebook.

In the digital age, Facebook remains a pivotal platform for both personal and professional networking. Among its myriad features, Professional Mode allows users to optimize their personal profiles for public visibility and engagement, akin to a business page. However, there are times when users may prefer to revert to a more private, personal experience on Facebook. This article delves into the process of deactivating Professional Mode, a feature that blurs the lines between personal and professional spheres on this social media giant. Understanding how to toggle this setting is crucial for users who wish to switch between different modes of online interaction, ensuring their Facebook experience aligns with their current personal or professional needs.

How To Turn Off Professional Mode On Facebook?

Turning off Professional Mode on Facebook is a straightforward process, allowing users to switch back to a more personal experience on the platform. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Log in to Your Facebook Account: Start by logging into your Facebook account on a computer or mobile device.
  • Access Your Profile: Click on your profile picture to go to your personal profile page.
  • Find the Professional Mode Settings: Look for a section or tab labeled “Professional Mode” or “Professional Dashboard”. This is usually found in your profile settings or directly on your profile page.
  • Turn Off Professional Mode: In the Professional Mode settings, you should find an option to turn it off. This might be a toggle switch or a button. Click or tap on it to deactivate Professional Mode.
  • Confirm Your Decision: Facebook may ask you to confirm your choice to turn off Professional Mode. Follow the prompts to confirm.
  • Check the Changes: Once you’ve turned off Professional Mode, your profile will revert to its standard personal format. You might notice changes in your profile layout and the features available to you.
  • Review Your Profile: After deactivating Professional Mode, it’s a good idea to review your profile to ensure it aligns with how you want to present yourself on Facebook personally.

When You Turn Off Professional Mode?

The previous model used in this conversation is unavailable. We’ve switched you to the latest default model. When you turn off Professional Mode on Facebook, it means you are switching from a mode that is more focused on professional networking and visibility to a mode that is more personalized and geared towards personal interactions. Here are some common scenarios when you might consider turning off Professional Mode:

1. Personal Use: If you initially activated Professional Mode to enhance your professional presence on Facebook but now want to use the platform primarily for personal interactions, you would turn it off.

2. Privacy Concerns: Some users may become concerned about the level of public visibility and the amount of professional information displayed on their profile. Turning off Professional Mode can enhance privacy.

3. Changing Career or Goals: If you transition from a career-oriented approach to a more personal one, you may no longer need the features and visibility that Professional Mode offers.

4. Content Transition: You might want to switch to a more personal mode if you wish to share personal anecdotes, family updates, or content that is not related to your professional life.

5. Audience Shift: If your audience on Facebook has changed from primarily professional connections to a mix of personal and professional contacts, you may find it more suitable to be in a personal mode.

6. Experimentation: Some users may activate Professional Mode to explore its features but later decide it doesn’t align with their needs, leading them to turn it off.

Why Users Might Choose To Use Professional Mode?

Users might choose to use Professional Mode on Facebook for various reasons, as it offers several benefits tailored to a more professional online presence. Here are some common reasons why users opt for Professional Mode:

  • Enhanced Professional Branding: Professional Mode allows users to present themselves more formally, making it ideal for professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and job seekers who want to showcase their skills and experience.
  • Separation of Personal and Professional Life: Users who want to maintain a clear distinction between their personal and professional online activities can use Professional Mode to curate a more business-oriented profile.
  • Access to Business Features: Professional Mode provides access to features like the Professional Dashboard, which offers insights and tools to manage a professional presence, including audience demographics and engagement metrics.
  • Networking Opportunities: Users seeking to connect with like-minded professionals or expand their professional network can benefit from the increased visibility and discoverability that Professional Mode offers.
  • Showcasing Work and Portfolio: Creatives, artists, photographers, and content creators can use Professional Mode to showcase their work more effectively, creating a portfolio-like experience for visitors.
  • Job Searches and Recruitment: Job seekers and recruiters can utilize Professional Mode to highlight their qualifications, making it easier to find job opportunities or potential candidates.
  • Promoting a Business: Small business owners and entrepreneurs can leverage Professional Mode to promote their business and connect with customers, clients, and partners.
  • Access to Insights: The mode provides access to performance insights and analytics, helping users understand how their professional content is performing and who their audience is.
  • Content Targeting: Users can use Professional Mode to target specific professional demographics with their content, ensuring that their posts reach the right audience.
  • Professional Content Creation: For individuals who want to create and share content related to their industry or area of expertise, Professional Mode provides tools and features tailored to content creation and promotion.
  • Building Credibility: Maintaining a professional profile can enhance credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential employers, clients, or partners.
  • Personal Branding: Users interested in personal branding and online reputation management can use Professional Mode to curate a more professional and consistent image.

What Happens After Turning Off Professional Mode?

After turning off Professional Mode on Facebook, several changes and adjustments take place on your profile. Here’s what happens after switching from Professional Mode to the standard personal mode:

Profile Layout: Your profile layout will revert to the standard personal profile format. This means that any professional-oriented features or sections that were visible in Professional Mode will no longer be prominently displayed. Instead, your personal information and posts will take center stage.

Professional Dashboard: The Professional Dashboard, if you had access to it in Professional Mode, will no longer be available. This means you won’t have access to the professional insights and tools provided by the dashboard.

Visibility: Your profile’s visibility may change. In Professional Mode, your profile is often more public, making it easier for professional connections and potential employers to find you. Turning off Professional Mode may limit your profile’s visibility to a broader audience.

Content and Posts: The content you share on your profile may shift from being primarily professional-oriented to a more personal tone. Your posts, photos, and updates may reflect your personal life and interests rather than focusing on your professional achievements.

Interactions: The nature of interactions on your profile may change. While in Professional Mode, you might have received more professional inquiries and engagement. In personal mode, you may experience a different type of interaction, including personal messages, family and friend interactions, and general socializing.

Privacy Settings: Your privacy settings may be adjusted to reflect a more personal experience. You can customize who can see your posts, who can send you friend requests, and other privacy-related options.

Content Targeting: If you were using content targeting features in Professional Mode, they may no longer be as relevant, as your content is likely to be more personal in nature.

Profile Information: Information such as your employment details, work-related skills, and professional achievements may be less prominent or even hidden from view, depending on your privacy settings.

Connection Requests: You may receive more friend requests from personal connections, friends, and family members after turning off Professional Mode.

Audience Engagement: Engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares, may shift to reflect the interests of your personal connections.


Turning off Professional Mode on Facebook leads to several changes on your profile. Your layout reverts to a personal format, and the Professional Dashboard disappears. Your profile becomes less visible, and interactions shift to a more personal tone. Content becomes more personal, and privacy settings may change. Information like employment details becomes less prominent, and you may receive more friend requests from personal connections. Engagement metrics reflect personal interests. Users should review and adjust their settings and content to match their desired online presence, whether personal or professional.


1. Can I Switch Back To Professional Mode Later?

Yes, you can switch back to Professional Mode at any time by following the same steps.

2. Will My Professional Content Be Deleted?

No, your professional content will not be deleted, but it may be less prominently displayed in personal mode.

3. Do I Lose Access To Insights After Turning It Off?

Yes, the Professional Dashboard and its insights are no longer accessible in personal mode.

4. Will My Privacy Settings Change?

Yes, your privacy settings may be adjusted to reflect a more personal experience.

5. Can I Still Connect With Professional Contacts?

Yes, you can still connect with professional contacts, but your profile may be less visible to them in personal mode.

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