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    John is a senior staff writer for Charged Affairs and was the 2017 YPFP Nuclear Security Fellow. He holds an MA of International Policy degree from the University of Georgia, where his studies concentrated in CBRN nonproliferation, export controls, and international security.

A Land Swap in the Former Yugoslavia Must Be Considered

The dissolution of Yugoslavia in the 1990s marked the worst bout of bloodshed seen in Europe since the Second World War. The continued tension between Serbia and Kosovo is one of the last remaining major conflict in the Western Balkans. Since Kosovo declared independence in 2008, Serbia has claimed Kosovo as an integral part of…

Mein Gott! Would Germany Build a Bomb?

In August 2018, an article was published in The National Interest suggesting that Germany should develop its own nuclear arsenal. Since the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, the idea of Germany developing its own, or a “European,” nuclear deterrent has appeared in policy discussions both inside and outside of Germany. Every time this was in reaction…

Do not be Disappointed if the North Korea Talks Go Nowhere

Since the Korean ceasefire was signed in 1953, North Korea has continued to be a thorn in the United States’ side. Multiple diplomatic standoffs – including the 1968 seizure of the USS Pueblo and the 2003 North Korean withdrawal from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) – have engendered distrust between the two states. The June…

Keep Your Friends Close: The Case for NATO

Recent NATO summits have been tense. Since his presidential campaign, President Trump has repeatedly hammered the other NATO members for not contributing adequately to the alliance. This streak of criticisms, spun as a means to get other NATO members to contribute more, has only served to drive a wedge between the United States and the other…

What Does North Korea Want?

The recently concluded meeting between Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un was most certainly a step toward peace on the peninsula. Along with the upcoming summit between Kim and President Trump, a peaceful, denuclearized Korean peninsula may be just around the corner. At least, that is the hope. There has been plenty of lofty and optimistic…

The United States and North Korea: A Brief History of Patience

The announced summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-un surprised and shocked the world. The meeting between these two leaders will be historic as these two states have had almost no direct diplomatic contact since the end of the Korean War in 1953. As the meeting approaches, everyone is wondering what to expect. An inspection…

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Nuclear Arms Control for US, Russia, and China

Rather than holding out hope for a tripartite agreement with China and Russia, the United States should first build up bilateral arms control relationships with China and Russia individually. This includes renewing New START.

Iran, Enrichment, and Arms Control

The NPT does not grant a right to enrich, as Iran claims. However, it does allow for verification-based access to nuclear power.

A Nuclear Global Zero is Not Yet Possible

Verified reduction and rigorous export controls are the only ways to concurrently keep nuclear weapons from proliferating, while reducing the global number of states with warheads and weapons down to a more manageable level.

Beyond the Iran Deal

The recent escalation in tensions between the United States in Iran has jeopardized the already imperiled JCPOA. It is imperative that the JCPOA continues, as it would prove to skeptical states that arms control agreements could be successful.

Nonstrategic Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence

The US should deploy nonstrategic nuclear weapons to close a perceived deterrence gap and work toward arms control agreements to prevent the kind of miscalculation that could lead to global thermonuclear war.

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