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Call for Papers: Predictions & Predicaments

Charged Affairs invites writers to inaugurate the decade by writing op-eds written as if from the future. Submissions should take place at least two years from 2020 and discuss topics significant to global affairs that are relevant to that imaginary future. Writers are encouraged to be creative so long as the op-eds have a clear line of argumentation that incorporate how imagined future events have come to pass. Like all good literary non-fiction, your draft should serve as a reflection on the passing of our present moment.

Drafts should be no more than 850 words and include an image with a link to its source clearly stating permission to use it. Please send along with your draft a brief writer bio and a teaser summing up the central argument of your op-ed that does not exceed 35 words.

Successful submissions will be featured in our "Predicaments & Predicaments" series, which will run throughout March. Charged Affairs is partnered with the Diplomatic Courier for this series. A small selection of your submissions will also be featured on the Diplomatic Courier website, giving more opportunities to get your name out there.

All YPFP members are encouraged to submit - it's a great way to build your portfolio and get your work in front of a wide, global audience!

Deadline: January 31

Please submit drafts to: