Middle East & North Africa

A New Type of Money: Iran’s Hope to Bypass U.S. Sanctions

The US is struggling to adapt to the emerging digital market and cryptocurrencies. This creates potential security gaps which actors like Iran have the potential to exploit.


Understanding the DRC’s Presidential Elections

DRC election results show one of the greatest challenges for the international community, supporting a faltering democracy while expressing concern over potentially inaccurate election results.

North America

When the Carriers Depart, What Will Happen To US Soft Power?

Political and military debates over the retirement of the US carrier fleet raises questions over what platform will fill the carrier's role in projecting US soft power.


Softening a Hard Brexit

Brexit is complex and controversial, and the form it takes will impact the UK and Ireland in particular for generations. Steps must be taken to ensure voters have a say in the form it takes.

East & Pacific Asia

Sanctions are Driving Market Reforms in North Korea

Since the thaw in inter-Korean and North Korea-United States relations in early 2018, South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in has called for the easing of sanctions against North Korea to encourage Kim Jong-un to continue the denuclearization process. Meanwhile,...